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The ultimate spot for embracing the art of chilling. Kick back, relax, and soak up the lazy luxury vibes. Go Slow, Pay Low is our mantra

About Lazy Turtle

Slow & Lazy wins the race

We’re the world’s first resto- bar that encourages you to go slow, take it easy, and indulge in the art of doing nothing. As you enter our laidback sanctuary, let the soothing vibes wash over you and embrace the lazy luxury that awaits. 

At Lazy Turtle, Doing Nothing Is Everything!

Go Slow Pay Low

For every hour you spend at Lazy Turtle get 10% off, upto 50% off!

Birthdays Bloom in Chillaxation Bliss

No rush, No Hard looks, just pure relaxation and smiles await you.

Instagrammable Haven for Laziness

Stylish interior, comfortable seating, and visually appealing decor makes it the perfect lazy-haven

Join The League Of Lazy Legends

Lazy Turtle beckons you to a world where the concept of speed is as foreign as a hare in a turtle’s paradise. We proudly stand as the only restobar on this wild planet that embraces the magic of slowing down. 

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Chill for 1-5 hours & get up to 50% off (T&C*)

Why rush when you can savor the moment and save? At Lazy Turtle, we offer a unique experience where spending more time means paying less.




Get 10% off on first visit

 Get 10% off on your first visit and unlock the world of relaxation, good vibes, and great savings. Come, Chill, and Indulge in the Lazy Paradise! 

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Lazy paradise awaits...

Let's chill and take it slow

Elevating the Lazy Lifestyle on a Budget! Can’t get enough of Lazy Turtle? Then,

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